Woman Showcases Framed Postcard Collection She Received From Her Father

A video of a woman showcasing her postcard collection has gone viral on Instagram recently.

In the video, Lauren Rosa Miller can be seen putting up her collection of framed postcards and filling up a wall with them.

Captioning the heartwarming video with a powerful line. “A father’s love is unmatched,” Lauren wrote. Some postcards she highlighted in the video perfectly show exactly that. You can actually feel how close father and daughter were from the messages Lauren’s father wrote in the postcards.

PHOTO: Instagram/lauren.rosa.miller

How come Lauren received so many postcards when she was just a kid? Her father was an entrepreneur running his own consulting firm so he had to travel a lot for work, Lauren explained in the video. One postcard was written from when her father was participating in the Million Man March with the promise that he would “tell ya about it Wednesday.”

Another postcard dated October 1994 was from when her father had dinner with Nelson Mandela. He told his daughter that he was looking forward to the time that they could travel and attend future events together.

The postcards enable us, in however little way, to have a look at the adventures Lauren’s dad had when he was traveling. But one of my personal favorites from Lauren’s collection is the postcard where a dad just shows his appreciation for his daughter.

“Having the postcards, I think, provided him with comfort, that I would have these constant reminders of his love. And so, they really are gifts that keep on giving,” Lauren said in an interview.

PHOTO: Instagram/lauren.rosa.miller

It’s just so heartwarming to see a father’s dedication to his family and Lauren’s collection of photocards just proves that however physically far a person might be from their family, their mind and heart will forever be with them.

She says that her current wall of mementos contains just half of the whole postcard collection and that she finds comfort in the physical display of her father’s love. In another Instagram post from Lauren, she shares some photos of her and her dad along with some text messages between them, further showing just how much love they have in their family.

Watch her latest video below.

“I want to share this because I think, one, we just don’t see enough examples of fathers being very emotionally loving and invested, specifically Black fathers, too, and so I was like, I hope this is very inspirational and impactful to people,” Lauren said in an interview, and then added, “Knowing how it makes me feel to have these, I definitely will continue the tradition with my kids…it’s a no brainer.”

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