Friday the 13th!

I had tried to be “good” and get my annual mammogram at the same time every year. My mom had breast cancer (38-year survivor!) so my sisters and I knew we were at risk. I kept putting it off a little more each year, getting it later and later, until my annual October exam was now in April!

I had finally gone in April 2007 because the pain in my breast was waking me up at night. In my heart I knew it was breast cancer. The pain turned out to be nothing, but there was an irregularity deep inside that caused concern. I had the biopsy, and was given the news on Friday, April 13th that yes — I had breast cancer.

When people say to me that Friday the 13th was really “bad luck” for me I get the chance to explain it was the BEST of luck as it was discovered very early on a routine exam! Here I am, five years later, and I am doing great! GET YOUR ANNUAL MAMMOGRAM, it can save your life!

You can say what you want, but I truly believe angels were pointing to the cancer by providing the pain that made me get off my lazy rear end and get my mammogram!

P.L. Packer
Parkdale, OR

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