Friends Shave Their Heads to Support a Woman with Breast Cancer

Gerdi McKenna may have breast cancer, but she also has an amazing group of supportive friends. The women contacted Caring Daisies, a charity organization, and asked them to film a photo shoot with McKenna. What the cancer patient didn't know what that her loved ones would shave their heads before she arrived as an act of solidarity.

For many women, getting breast cancer also means struggling with redefining their womanhood. Not only is the health of their breasts in jeopardy, but they may lose their hair, which is a very important aesthetic feature for many women. Living bald can be an emotional struggle, which is why McKenna's friends wanted to show support. 

Nine women and a man shaved their heads for McKenna. Caring Daisies filmed the transformation and reveal. McKenna's shock quickly turned into appreciation. Since the group shaved their heads in February, the video has been posted on Youtube and Vimeo. The Youtube version has more than 25,000 views. 

The National Institutes of Health note that showing support for loved ones with breast cancer is paramount. Patients often feel isolated, but having people who care for them help them through treatment is a huge blessing. 

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