You’ve Got to Watch This “Frozen” Daddy Daughter Duet!

Who doesn’t love Frozen?

Not only is the first movie a total gem, but a collective shout of “hooray” rose up from excited Frozen fans across the world when Disney announced that there will be a sequel to the wildly popular movie. And SOON!

While we know a few people who are not looking forward to more never-ending singalong songs (sorry, not sorry), most of us are super-excited!

Until we can enjoy the further adventures of Elsa and Anna, check out this adorable daddy and daughter duo as they tackle “Love is an Open Door.”

(It’s so adorable.)

Consider this your intermission performance while you wait for the wonderful world of Frozen to start back up again.

What’s your favorite Frozen song? And what did you think of this mini performance between daddy and daughter?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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