Breasts Don’t Make The Woman: Survivor Shares Her Scars And Her Way Of Life

Gail Chovan is a fashion designer, mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor. In the past nine years, she’s had her ovaries and her breasts removed, grieved the death of both parents, and gave birth early to twins who were born with congenital toxoplasmosis, a parasite that affects the eyes and brain. Both her children have shunts in their brain to drain excess fluid, and her daughter Zelda is blind and also has a seizure disorder.

Gail is incredible. She’s a believer in ignoring social constructs, being yourself, and remembering that life is precious. She says her twins are “quirky and magical” and it’s obvious they get it from her. She wasn’t even going to consider reconstruction after her double mastectomy, but she decided to explore her options because of her husband — and to satisfy her own curiosity.

“My body is a road map of everything I’ve lived through,” Gail says. “It’s a good place to be me.”

This woman is a rockstar. If you need a little inspiration today, take a look. (Skip to 6:03 and listen until the end to hear her talk about her cancer journey.)

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