The Sun Is Back! How Does Your Yard Look?


Hanging Garden Art Basket

Your hard work has transformed your garden into a masterpiece — it’s only fitting to be displayed in works of art! These hanging baskets kick your flora up a notch with vibrant designs, durable nylon construction designed to encourage healthier foliage, and a no-fuss drainage system.



Sunset Swirl Bird Bath

The pleasing tones and gentle glow from this bird bath’s phosphorescent-infused glass provide a graceful place for birds to frolic. You could even fill it with seed for a dazzling bird buffet. Swirls of red glass enclose mineral crystals that absorb light energy during the day and glow at night. Be sure to place this one in an area that receives plenty of sunlight during the day, yet is shaded or protected from ambient light (houselights, streetlights, etc.) in the evening.

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