Georgetown Basketball Team Raises Awareness for Men Against Breast Cancer

The basketball players at Georgetown University donned pink shoes at their recent game against St. John's University. According to Comcast SportsNet, the teammates' colorful Jordan sneakers and coach John Thompson's matching tie were meant to raise awareness for the Men Against Breast Cancer organization. The nonprofit group educates men on how to provide support for the women in their lives dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Thompson has personally been touched by the disease. According to the source, his wife is a nine-year breast cancer survivor.

"We want to bring awareness to that organization," Thompson, told Comcast SportsNet. "When Monica, my wife was going through her fight with breast cancer, it was organization that was a great support system for me. So I've supported them since then and want to use this to bring more awareness to them."

Men Against Breast Cancer is the first nonprofit geared toward empowering men to be breast cancer caregivers. In addition to working with men, the group helps entire families provide support for the patient. The organization's Partners in Survival program offers full- and half-day educational workshops.

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