She Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer One Month After Her Twin Sister Died of It

Cancer is never easy to deal with, whether you are the patient or a loved one trying to help the process go as smoothly as possible. But some people are burdened with both roles in one lifetime. Geraldine is one of those people.

Geraldine’s twin sister, Vicki, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 1997 when the two women went in for their 50-year-old checkup, which included a mammogram. Vicki bravely battled the disease for 9 years with her sister’s help and support, but, sadly, she passed away in 2006.

A month after her passing,  Geraldine was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a fight of her own. Knowing her sister had succumbed to the disease only made her battle harder. She didn’t have a sister anymore to support her through this difficult time, and she was still grieving the loss.

Photo: YouTube/bccampaign
Photo: YouTube/bccampaign

Luckily, Geraldine’s cancer journey was not going to end the same way Vicki’s did. Listen to her story in the touching video below.

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