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The Veterans Village of San Diego is also a GreaterGood fund recipient. They’ve fed 212 veterans a total of 21,459 meals in 2018 with GreaterGood’s help, and they focus on offering healthy options and educating veterans about their health. At VVSD, food is seen as medicine, and using it correctly has made the veterans there healthier and happier, as well as reduced their need for prescription drugs.

Pictured here is a group of veterans from various military branches at the VVSD Chow Hall. The photographer reports that the group of men were all eager to share their stories:

Photo: VVSD

U.S. Army Veteran Mark says, “I have lost 25 pounds, look at my picture when I got here. VVSD has helped provide me with the foundation I need to get the services I need. Not having to worry about food, having the salad bar and variety of good food has helped me, I am eating healthier and less bread.”

U.S. Navy Veteran Kevin says, “The food here is good and not boring; there is good variety…good food makes you feel better. I like the BBQ and Mac-n-Cheese. I also went on the hike this past weekend. I am eating healthier and exercising.”

U.S. Amy Veteran James says, “I was sent to VVSD from Honolulu, where I lived by the court system. When I start asking myself, ‘Why am I here?’ or begin doubting myself, I look at all the good people and think about how everyone is helping to take care of me—the food definitely counts. I love the chicken pot pie with the flaky crust; it reminds me of home.”

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Photo: 9. Veteran Homestead Inc.
Left: A home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner for veterans in the Medically Fragile program.
Right: Christmas gifts at Veteran Homestead.

GreaterGood is there when it matters, but we couldn’t do it without the support of those who give where it matters through their simple everyday actions online. Thank you to everyone who clicked and made purchases to support GreaterGood’s efforts to help people in our community and the world in 2018.

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