Girl Walks Across The Stage For Her Diploma Only One Month After A Traumatic Brain Injury

Being in an automobile accident can have a profound impact on us and our lifestyle.

One 18-year-old who understands this all too well is Khalia Carter. She was an accident on April 18 that was quite serious, and it left her in bad shape.

At the time that she got in the accident, Khalia was attending Fort Myers High School in Florida. She was the varsity cheer captain and was looking forward to her high school graduation, which was only about a month away.

Photo: YouTube/KhaliaMichele

On one particular day in April, she was rear-ended by a motorcyclist who is believed to have been drunk. As a result of the injuries that occurred during the accident, including a traumatic brain injury, she suffered from difficulties with her speech and mobility.

Carter described the accident to Good Morning America, saying: “I felt a big crash and my car was spinning and I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t control the wheel. I couldn’t press the gas or the brake. Nothing was working.”

Photo: YouTube/KhaliaMichele

She struggled to do things that before the accident seemed to be quite normal. These were injuries that were quite profound and she had a long recovery ahead of her. This included an hour a day of physical and occupational therapy and a half-hour of speech therapy at John Hopkins all Children’s Hospital.

Her sister, Timesha Carter spoke to a local television station, expressing that she is just happy that her sister is with us today.

Carter was unable to walk after the accident but she is not one to give up easily. At first, she was in a wheelchair but it wasn’t long before she was moving around with a walker.

Other issues also required some recovery as well. These included improving her eye-hand coordination, and her balance, and she was left sensitive to both light and noise. She had to practice doing things that most of us take for granted.

In the end, it all came together and she was able to walk across the stage for her graduation ceremony. She accepted her diploma, just as she had always hoped she would.

Her mother, Shawnda Cook, has been busy documenting the recovery of her daughter on Facebook. She was able to post a picture of her at graduation:

Posted by Shawnda Cook on Thursday, May 26, 2022

Speaking with local news, Cook said: “Khalia, even on the weekends, Khalia got up. She did all her exercises and she deserves this. She deserves every bit of this.”

As far as Carter was concerned, she was just happy to be doing it on her own. She admits that she wasn’t all that nervous, but she certainly was excited.

Carter is continuing to move forward in her recovery. She hopes that she will be able to attend Georgia Southern University to start her college career. You can listen to her talk about the accident and her recovery in the following video:

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