Girl Scout Troop Makes Cards for Breast Cancer Patients

The girls of Troop 41623 have gone the extra mile to bring a smile to the faces of breast cancer patients. According to the Glenview Announcements, the Girl Scout troop created homemade greeting cards to for cancer patients. Wendy Freimuth is a co-leader of the fourth-grade troop and her sister Kim Whitehouse is a breast cancer survivor. Freimuth came up with the activity idea and the girls were right on board. 

"I like what we're doing because my grandma had breast cancer, and I really want to support her," Kelsey Vega, whose mom hosted the event, told the source.

Freimuth also noted that the troop leaders felt that making cards for patients was a good way for the girls to make a difference. A card from a stranger might seem like a small gesture, but it gets many women through treatment. Whitehouse knows this all too well. After her breast cancer diagnosis, she had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. It was a hard time for her emotionally and physically, but the cards she received from people she knew and complete strangers got her through the battle.

"It made me feel loved and not forgotten," Whitehouse told the source. "To get a card showed me that someone took time out of their day to let me know they were thinking of me."

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