You Tell It Like It Is, Giuliana! There’s Nothing Wrong With Wanting To Feel Beautiful Again!

Since going through her treatment for breast cancer, Giuliana Rancic has purposefully shifted some of her priorities. But she was surprised by one aspect of her life that didn’t change: going back to work for E! News and getting reabsorbed into the fashion world. Initially she didn’t think she would be able to do it after going through such a serious, life-changing experience. But after getting her hair, makeup, and wardrobe done, she finally saw herself again — and she realized that tapping into her self-image from her pre-cancer life was important to her.

“There’s no vanity about that,” Giuliana says. “It’s really — it’s not about trying to look a certain way, as much as it is trying to look the way you used to look… and trying to feel like how you felt before you were diagnosed. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

At 2:39, she gives advice to newly diagnosed cancer patients and encourages them to use what her husband has dubbed “The 99-Cent Solution.”

Watch the video to hear more from this vibrant fashionista and cancer survivor!

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