This Breast Cancer Survivor’s Passion Is Supporting Newly Diagnosed Patients with a Special Gift

Let’s be honest; a breast cancer diagnosis can be a real drag! Even the most positive and optimistic person will likely find themselves drug down a little bit by cancer, but anyone can benefit from a little outside help and support from family, loved ones, and even complete strangers!

When Genea Arrasmith fought and beat breast cancer, she wanted to do something to help fellow fighters know they’re not alone in the fight. Even though her fight is now over, she still has a special place in her heart for everyone currently going through this ordeal.

“I thought wow, wouldn’t it be kind of neat if I could have something for her? Not that there’s a goodie bag for cancer, but if I had some pink stuff or some things that helped me when I went through it, I could kind of pass that on,” says Arrasmith. “It’s easier for me to be the giver than to be the receiver.”

To help promote a positive attitude, Arrasmith creates goody bags filled with pink items. It’s her way of spreading love to her fellow fighters, and she buys pink items all year long to fill her goodie bags.

In the video below, learn more about Genea Arrasmith and the one item she makes sure she puts in every single bag.

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