Robbers Stole Everything from Survivor

Andrea Arellano was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and traveled a few times a month from her home in Las Vegas, New Mexico, to Santa Fe, about an hour away, for treatment. Arellano survived cancer and has been in remission for 11 months now, but recently she has been feeling poorly and has returned to her treatment center several times within a few weeks for testing.

“The past couple weeks I’ve just been tested over and over, getting MRIs all over my body, and they can’t figure out why my white blood cell count is so high,” said Arellano.

While Arellano was spending a few days at the treatment center in Santa Fe in late November, she says thieves broke into her home and stole everything from televisions to a shower curtain. They even took her 10-year-old son’s two pet cats.


Whoever these thieves were, Arellano believes they knew she would be gone from her home for at least a few days and that no one would be watching it. They were just as thorough as the terrible Grinch who stole Christmas, taking every last item Arellano and her son owned. They even took items like family photos, artwork from friends, and other sentimental items, possessions that weren’t worth anything to anyone except Arellano and those closest to her.


Arellano filed a police report and went on with her life as best she could, trying to put the pieces back together. “Everything sentimental that I’ve held onto in my 41 years of life is just gone,” she said.


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She felt like she had been left with nothing, but she was about to be left with even less. While she was on another trip to Santa Fe for testing, the thieves returned and stole everything they’d left behind the first time.

“They left me with two towels and a can of soup,” said Arellano.


“It’s been really rough,” she continues, “and I’m just trying to get through the holidays and trying to give my son the best holiday before next year and just start off the next year fresh.”

We can’t believe how utterly heartless these grinch-like thieves have been, and we hope they can be caught so that Arellano’s possessions can be returned to her. Check out the video below to learn more about the tragic story.

Now all Arellano is left with is her son and her positive attitude. She hopes whoever stole all her possessions truly needed them, and she’s working on getting back on her feet. She has a GoFundMe page set up to help her buy some of the bare necessities for her and her son.

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