TRANSFORMATION: It May Not Seem Like Your Hair Is Growing after Chemo, But It Is!

Nalie Agustin was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25, and it floored her — but she immediately picked herself back up and decided to fight with everything she had. She decided to take charge of her situation by creating a series of video posts documenting her journey.

This video starts about two weeks after Nalie wrapped up her chemo treatments for the first time. Nalie was completely bald, and was curious about the future of her hair.

“One of my main questions and something that I’ve been wondering and I’ve been researching online is kinda to see what my hair is gonna look like,” Nalie said in the video. “How does it grow back and how fast does it grow back after 16 rounds of chemotherapy?”

So, Nalie took weekly video of her evolving look, to help out anyone else who is curious about what it’s like growing hair back after chemo. Watch her transformation!

(And to see more of this feisty fighter, check out another one of her posts here, where she walks you through how to tie scarves around your fabulous head!)

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