To The Bald Woman In The Knit Cap Who Just Lost The Love Of Her Life: You Inspire Me

Our town has a huge week and a half long festival. Today’s event consisted of Youth Day In The Park where I had the privilege of witnessing some powerful and completely inspiring events. As a committee member of our local Relay For Life event, we had a booth where we reached out to our youth asking for a handprint. Each print provided their support for the cure.

The children all wanted to add their hand to our sheets so we can hang it proudly at our Relay event. Many of those kids knew about cancer and how it affects the ones they love. Some had no idea what they were doing, but seeing others do the same thing intrigued them. Then there were those few that had a passion to help find a cure for cancer. They are the children, like my daughter, that have seen cancer with their very own eyes and want to help.

Luke Pamer via Unsplash
Luke Pamer via Unsplash

While doing these handprints and visiting with the children’s parents or grandparents I met a woman that blew me away. She said, “I need a cure. I really need to find a cure.” She came into our booth, a beautiful pink and purple crocheted hat covering her bald head. This woman, whom I have heard about over the last couple of years from a few friends, has been fighting metastatic breast cancer for almost a decade. The cancer has been in remission and has come back multiple times. During her numerous years of battling cancer she lost a few relatives to the disease, and most recently the love of her life unexpectedly. She now has more of a reason to stay here on Earth for her children and grandchildren.

I respected this woman; I was pleased to meet her and experience her amazing soul. I may have heard about her through the grapevine, but I wanted to hear her story on her own time, in her own way. Her life lately has not been stellar, but she has had a great outlook on it all. Sure, she is getting tired of what life is throwing at her. Who wouldn’t be? She still has a strong will to keep living. I believe there is a reason she is still here on this Earth. God has put her here to do good, maybe to help find a cure for cancer. Maybe it’s to get the word out on metastatic breast cancer. Maybe it’s to be that inspiration others need to see and hear. The inspiration I saw in this woman was her drive. She’s had so much turmoil lately, yet she’s still trekking along.

From kids to adults, there were little bits of inspiration I saw today. From the youngest handprint of a five month old representing his grandfather, to the daughter that wants to see a cure before she gets cancer herself, to the mother that placed her print for her uncle, and finally to the grandmother that put her print there for herself, I was in awe. Together, we can all make a stand.

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