Kids Are Awesome: Enjoy These Moments Of Gut-Wrenching Laughter!

Hey you! Yes, you!

Need some happy in your life? Here you go — 5 reasons kids are awesome, guaranteed to make you smile.

Watch these 5 HILARIOUS groups of giphys that show just how silly kids can be, along with some genuine heartfelt moments and out-of-this world dance moves!

Life is too short to pass on these great moments. Take a break, and break into smile. 🙂

#1 – How Kids Make Great Additions to Weddings

One reason: they are hilarious…
hilarious wedding kids

Another reason: still hilarious.

#2 – Great Pregnancy Announcements

(Yeah, no kids in this one, but they will be in the picture soon enough!

Pretty sure this was a near-death experience for her.

Ah… the differing reaction of brothers and fathers.

#3 – Cute Kids Backseat Performances

She LOVES music!!

He loves groovin’.

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#4 – Great Moments on Jumbotron

Watch out foes… Bruins Boy is coming for you!

And who can forget this kid?

#5 – The Food That Scares Them

It’s okay, buddy, that pineapple won’t bite you!
Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.07.39 AM

Watch out… for popcorn!

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