How to Have Hard Conversations About Breast Cancer

Talking to your family and friends about breast cancer is difficult. Some people are overly supportive to the point of trying to make your treatment decisions for you, often without weighing all the options as carefully as you have. Some are so optimistic that they won’t allow you to grieve at all. Others are so frightened to upset you that they refuse to talk about the situation, changing the subject whenever possible.

This problem only worsens when your cancer is in the later stages. But it’s so important to talk to your loved ones about your cancer. You are a human being with human fears and emotions, and you need to be able to communicate those things in order to work through them.

In the video below, metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer patients discuss the things they had the most difficult time talking to people about and how they have gone about starting the conversations they felt they needed to have with their loved ones.

Journaling, blogging, and setting aside time to really focus on talking about the hard truth with your loved ones are just a handful of the ways you can help yourself get through this difficult time. We hope the advice in this video helps you feel brave enough to have those hard conversations with your spouse, your parents, your friends.

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