30-Year-Old Mom of 7 With Terminal Breast Cancer Is Gifted Dream Wedding

Alisha Harrison was 32 weeks pregnant when she found out she had breast cancer.

Alisha and her partner, Metin Salih, live in Sydney, Australia, and have been together for years. They each had three children of their own when they began dating, and they spent quite some time trying to conceive their first child together. When Alisha finally became pregnant, she had some complications, but the situation began to stabilize around 26 weeks. The couple looked forward to meeting their son.

But six weeks later, she was told she had breast cancer.

Photo: Facebook/Metin Metz Salih

She was diagnosed with aggressive stage III cancer. A cyst that she had been told was harmless 18 months earlier turned out to actually be cancerous.

She was devastated, but she pushed forward. She had a mastectomy almost immediately, at 33 weeks, while still pregnant.

Then at 35 weeks, she had a C-section. Her son Isaac was born, beautiful and healthy.

Photo: GoFundMe/Help Alisha live her dreams

Chemo was supposed to begin three weeks later. However, Alisha got more bad news.

“With the challenges of six kids, now seven, raising a newborn and trying to manage your health, you would think that would be enough,” a GoFundMe for Alisha reads.

“Alisha has now been hit with more bad news. The cancer is stage four and has become metastatic and spread to her liver. Basically it’s the end of the line and 90 per cent of metastatic cancers end in death.”

Photo: GoFundMe/Help Alisha live her dreams

Alisha decided to make a bucket list of all the things she wanted to accomplish, including taking the family on their first overseas trip to Fiji or Bali. They were able to do that thanks to the generosity of Today, an Australian news program.

Another item on her bucket list was marrying Metin. Soon that wish came true as well!

Metin surprised Alisha with a 30th birthday party. During the party, she was blindfolded and led to the front of the room. When the blindfold was removed, he got down on one knee and proposed. She immediately said yes and the whole room started cheering and clapping.

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Six months later, they were married in a gorgeous ceremony in Sydney, Australia. Everything was donated or gifted to the couple, from the reception venue to the dresses and suits.

She gave all her boys cufflinks to wear on their own future wedding days that were engraved with a special note from her: “With you always, love you Mum.” She gave all of her girls garters that matched her own, also to wear on their own wedding days.

Photo: Facebook/Alisha Salih

She wrote on Facebook:

“I explained to all the children that these are given to them from me on my wedding day for their own wedding day in years to come. So as they get them selves ready on their big days they will be taken back by memory to the moment we shared together on my wedding day and each and everyone of them know I am with them on their special day.

“Although I will do everything I can to be here to watch them all marry, statistics say I won’t be. No that’s not me giving up thats just me being realistic and planning for the future! There is something about being stage 4 that allows you to plan for the future without you in it and be at peace with it all.”

Photo: Facebook/Metin Metz Salih

They said their vows in front of family and close friends. Their children stood up and talked about how special their parents were, and thanked them for being “the greatest parents a kid could ask for.”

Then the couple released doves into the sky.

Photo: Facebook/Metin Metz Salih

Alisha continues to undergo chemotherapy every three weeks to help slow the progress of her cancer. At the time of this writing, there has been no change to her condition, positive or negative.

We wish her many, many years of happiness with her family.

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