12 Must-Read Health & Happiness Blogs of 2015

Health and fitness are on the brain this time of year, and the blogosphere is the best place to go for inspiration. But where to begin? There are countless wellness blogs competing for your attention and more are popping up each day.

Well, we did the legwork for you and rounded up the following list of standout sites. Each one delivers honest, down-to-earth and upbeat content to make your health journey easier and more fun.

Read on and be inspired!

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On Getting Fit

Remodel Fitness

This blog covers more than the name might suggest. Creator Jessi Kneeland doesn’t just share workout tips; she’s on a mission “to save women from their own negative body image” through science-backed information and body-positive inspiration. She wants to help all women learn to love themselves at any size, and her honest, no-fluff blog posts are a breath of fresh air. (This one about learning to love your body is a must read.)

Girls Gone Strong

A culmination of exercise motivation, workout tutorials, fitness-boosting recipes and balanced lifestyle advice, Girls Gone Strong is a blog designed to “inspire women of all ages to maximize the strength of their body, mind, and character.” No three-pound dumbbells here. This blog is for women who aren’t afraid to get strong. Their “Spotlight” series offers real-world inspiration from women who are killing it in their athletic endeavors, like this pro soccer player and this cheerleader turned naturopathic doctor.

YogaDork is the place for yogis to let their freak flags fly! Their upbeat posts cover everything from the latest yoga research to silly lifestyle quirks that only yogis understand. Their extensive archive of easy-to-read infographics, instructional videos and yoga history is unparalleled, and their refreshing sense of humor brings lightness to what can sometimes feel like an intimidating practice. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or you just signed up for your first class, YogaDork will feel like home to you.

She Thrives

Morgan and Taylor are the butt-kicking, crossfit-training, recipe-developing duo behind She Thrives, a blog seeking to “spread self love, positivity and wellness to strong women everywhere.” Their in-depth posts feature paleo and whole food nutrition advice, functional exercise motivation and interviews with inspirational women who “are pushing themselves everyday to not merely survive, but to thrive.” 



On Eating Clean

The Kitchn

Well known as a leader in the cook-at-home movement, The Kitchn is a must-follow for aspiring foodies everywhere. No matter your kitchen quandary, this site has you covered. Their extensive archive of approachable, on-point cooking advice and proven recipes could keep you fed and entertained for years. Though they cover nearly everything food related, cooking with healthy, whole foods is their jam.

Oh She Glows

Originally Angela Liddon used blogging as a way to recover from an eating disorder. As her plant-based recipes began healing her relationship with food, they inspired thousands of readers to adopt a cleaner lifestyle. They even won over her husband, a “devout fast food lover.” Though most dishes are animal product-free, soy-free and gluten-free, Angela doesn’t discriminate based on diet. Nearly all her food can be easily adapted to any eating style. Plus, her down-to-earth writing style is delightful to read.

Sprouted Kitchen

You’d never guess based on the impeccable photography, but Sprouted Kitchen is the work of just one couple, Sara and Hugh Forte. Their mouth-watering recipes transform rustic whole food ingredients to into works of art. Restaurant-status creations like Vegetable Eggs Benedict, Pumpkin Bread with Walnut-Cinnamon Swirl, and Baked Herb and Pistachio Falafel have won over thousands of fans. Saveur magazine even named Sprouted Kitchen one of its favorite food blog in 2013.

Naturally Ella

If plant-based recipes are your thing, Naturally Ella is for you. After her father’s heart attack, blogger Erin Alderson broke her lifelong love affair with fast food and animal protein, teaching herself to cook using only fresh, vegetarian ingredients. But even though vegetarianism is her choice, Erin isn’t dogmatic. She poo-poos calorie counting and restrictive dieting in favor of a balanced, fulfilling food and exercise routine. Her photography is impeccable and her extensive recipe list will keep you inspired for years.

The Roasted Root

The best part about The Roasted Root is its wide appeal — whether you eat paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, or none of the above, you’ll find plenty of recipes to meet your needs. Blogger Julia Mueller is as passionate about nutrition as she is about photography, and her creative recipes are both stunningly beautiful and nutrient dense. From hearty Parsnip and Lamb Curry with Spinach to zesty Sweet Potato Scones with Orange Glaze, this blog is a feast for your eyes and your palate.


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On Living Well

Wellness Mama

From eczema remedies to homemade mascara, Katie, a.k.a. The Wellness Mama, has you covered on all things natural. She’s all about the healthy, DIY hacks for body and home, and while she doesn’t have a background in science, her credentials are hard-earned. She’s a mom of five who’s been on a mission to create a healthy lifestyle for her kids for more than ten years. Her dedication to empowering mothers to create lasting change in the world is inspirational, whether or not you have a family of your own.

Summer Tomato

According to neuroscientist and Summer Tomato creator Darya Rose, health isn’t about dieting. It’s about creating balanced habits — a “healthstyle” if you will — that are actionable, fulfilling and enjoyable. Her informative blog strikes a balance between fitness, body positivity and nutrition info and her down-to-earth writing is approachable and not at all “preachy” like some health blogs can be. She features a mix of scientific nutritional insight, inspiring success stories, and do-able recipes to help make wellness part of your routine.

Zen Habits

With the endless amount of distractions competing for our attention these days, blogger Leo Babauta wants to help us cut through the noise by doing less and being more present. Garnering more than a million monthly readers in its short life online, Zen Habits is one of the Top 25 blogs and Top 50 websites in the world. Bi-weekly blog posts offer simple, actionable advice on finding motivation, decluttering your life, and making exercise a daily habit.

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