Helen Hunt Stars In New Feature Film About Discovering The Breast Cancer Gene

Decoding Annie Parker is an upcoming feature film about the discovery of the BRCA1 gene, the genetic variant responsible for many breast and ovarian cancers. The storyline revolves around Annie Parker (indie cinema darling Samantha Morton), a sharp-witted, funny, and irrepressible young woman who watches her mother and sister fall victim to breast cancer.

Watch as Annie is later diagnosed with the disease and how she resolves to fight back against immeasurable odds. The film also chronicles the work of Mary-Claire King, the geneticist whose discovery of the BRCA1 gene and its link to breast cancer forever changed the understanding of human disease. These two women are separated by thousands of miles, by circumstance, background and education, and yet, as told in the film, their two lives gradually intertwine over 15 years until a final, singular and life changing reckoning.

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