Comedian with Breast Cancer Shares a Hilarious Lesson that Cancer Taught Her

Tig Notaro is a stand up comedian who found out she had breast cancer right before she had to perform a comedy show. Despite the emotional news she had just received, she still went up on stage and gave her performance her all.

Along her breast cancer journey, she hasn’t let her flat chest or anything else get in the way of her career or her unique outlook on life. So it should come as no surprise, really, when you see Tig’s very interesting (and hilarious) way of shrugging off the whole ordeal in a comedic routine on another comedian’s television show.

Photo: YouTube/Team Coco
Photo: YouTube/Team Coco

In the video below, Tig is a guest on Conan O’Brien’s show. Conan begins to question Tig about her breast cancer experience, but Tig deflects his questions, pretending to be distracted by cat photos on her phone.

Check out the video to get a little laugh and learn an important lesson about what’s important in life—and what’s not.

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