Boy Who Suffers From Dozens Of Seizures A Day Creates Foundation To Help Kids Like Him

Cal football coach Aristotle Thompson’s son has been getting seizures since he was four years old. Today, he and his brother run a foundation to help other children like him who are battling epilepsy.

Ten-year-old Bryson was diagnosed with epilepsy at age four and still has uncontrolled seizures every day. Since he began having hundreds of seizures in less than a 24-hour time span, Bryson’s doctor told him he would need to start wearing a helmet to protect his head.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

These types of helmets are expensive and can cost thousands of dollars, and unfortunately their insurance company would not cover it. They then turned to non-profit Jack’s Helping Hand for help.

Bryson and his older brother Brock began asking professional and college athletes to donate autographed helmets and jerseys to be auctioned off. Proceeds are donated toward the purchase of these protective helmets, which is when their foundation “Helmets4Helmets” was born.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

Their mission is to raise money so that kids with epilepsy can have protective helmets and other medical equipment to keep them safe during their seizures, especially those who can’t afford them.

“We want to help kids be kids, let them run and play, help the families to have some piece of mind that their child will be as safe as can be while having epilepsy,” they wrote on their website.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 News Bay Area

NFL stars like Tom Brady, Odell Beckham Jr., Rob Gronkowski, and J.J. Watt have already helped their cause.

Click here to learn more about their foundation, and hear their story in the video below:

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