8 Powerful Ways To Help A Loved One Going Through Breast Cancer

Finding out your loved one has breast cancer is life changing. All you want to do is offer support, but it’s hard to know how best to do it. What does she need? What should I say? How can I help?

Read on for 8 powerful gestures you can offer that will make a big difference.

Reach out


It sounds simple, but for some, it takes courage. Cancer forces us to examine our fears about illness and death, and can make us reluctant to interact with those affected. But social interaction is an incredibly powerful healing tool.

Sometimes the simplest expressions of concern are the most meaningful. And sometimes a caring listener is all a person needs.

Ease her symptoms

image00-horzEven if you can’t be by her side during treatment, you can give her a gift that’s heartfelt and practical. “Chemo care mugs” are DIY gift baskets filled with comforting goodies that will put a smile on her face when the chemo side effects set in. Fill them with whatever suits her best.

Check out the “What Cancer Cannot Do” Pink Ribbon Mug in The Breast Cancer Site Store, and find out how to make your own chemo care mug here!

Give her a heartfelt treat

Mug-CakeIf baking is in your wheelhouse (or even if it isn’t), sending her a homemade “mug cake” in a Pink Ribbon Dragonfly Mug not only demonstrates your love, but also helps fund mammograms and breast cancer research! Even better, this sweet morsel takes just five minutes to make! Find out how here.

Take things off her plate


If you really want to make her daily life easier, think about the everyday tasks — picking up the dog food or taking the kids to practice — that fall through the cracks when you’ve got the flu. Talk with her family and offer to step in wherever they need it.

Give in her name

Possibly the greatest way to honor your friend is by paying it forward in her name. At TheBreastCancerSite.com, you can donate to our signature charity project that funds mammograms for women who can’t afford them. You can even present her with a certificate to commemorate your donation.

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Organize a bake sale

pink-ribbon-cookies-on-plate_1500x1000Join the global community of breast cancer fighters by raising money in your neighborhood. Bake sales are the perfect way to rally your family and friends around the cause. Even better, pink ribbon cookies (like the ones above) will make your message of solidarity even stronger.

Get this yummy cookie recipe here!

Give her your time

CancerPatient-shutterstock_215148466It’s a simple idea, but it’s not one many people think of. When someone is spending hours, even days, in the hospital, companionship is invaluable. If they don’t have a spouse, parent or child by their side, offer to fill the void.

Even if they do, your presence will offer a welcome break for the caregiver. Come with ideas or trinkets to pass the time — movies, stories to tell, games.

Make her feel comfortable

With kids, chores and appointments, recuperating at home isn’t always easy. Feeling comforted at this taxing time is crucial for her recovery. Candles, slippers or a fluffy bathrobe can work wonders to reduce her stress and help her relax.

Provide Mammograms

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