Australian Boy Nervously Hiccups His Way Through The National Anthem, And It’s Precious!

Performing can give anyone the jitters. Sometimes the audience notices the tremor in your hands or waver in your voice, and sometimes not.

For 7-year-old Ethan Hall of Australia, it’s safe to say the audience noticed his “tell” that he was nervous — but it only made his performance that much more memorable!

Looking dapper in his vest and tie, the little red-headed boy from Australia sailed through his rendition of “Advance Australia Fair” — the country’s national anthem — despite a serious case of nervous hiccups. Some of the players grinned good-naturedly as he continued to sing on despite the occasional bump in his voice. And what a voice he has!

He did a bang-up job opening a baseball game between Brisbane and Adelaide, which is no mean feat at any age!

Watch as the crowd and players cheer his performance with applause and high-fives. Good job, Ethan!

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