One Woman’s Journey Told Through The Scars & Tattoos On Her Body

Tessa Ray has had a life filled with ups and downs. Her life has been touched by abuse, drug addictions, suicide, divorce, and physical illness — and she has been fighting metastatic breast cancer for years. She decided to tell her story in her book “Hidden Scars: Tattoos On The Soul.”

In the following video, she shares photos of her mastectomy scars, as well as photos of the tattoos she placed over them. It’s a beautiful, raw way to tell her story, and she fills the second half of the video with positive quotes of scripture. (The song playing throughout the video is “Scars” by Elegeion.)

**Please note: The first photo at 0:44 shows a more graphic photo of her scars after radiation, and there are photos throughout the first half of the video that feature her surgery scars as well as her tattoos. If you are solely interested in her story, check out her book here.**

Take a look.

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