High School Senior Fights Breast Cancer with Optimism

Most women who get breast cancer are diagnosed after the age of 50. However, some women get it sooner. Such is the case with high school senior Ebonee Claiborne, 18, who found a lump in her breast in August 2013. According to Richmond NBC affiliate WWBT, she and her family never saw it coming. 

Breast cancer does not run in Claiborne's family and she was diagnosed at such a young age, two factors that made the diagnosis such a surprise. The upbeat student found a lump in her breast while wrestling with friends. 

"It was hard. It was round. It was right in the middle. So, you could feel it but it was inside of my breast so it was kind of like a tumor, I guess you can say," Claiborne told the source.

Claiborne's mother took her to the doctor when the lump continued to grow. After a biopsy, the doctor called to report the bad news. Since then, Claiborne has had chemotherapy treatment and a mastectomy. She is scheduled to undergo radiation and have reconstructive surgery after she graduates high school in June. 

Despite her struggle, Claiborne remains optimistic. She has always been competitive and a fighter, so she won't let the cancer beat her. Additionally, Claiborne says she learned something valuable from her experience. 

"Your body is a temple. Praise it. Do everything you can to keep your temple at its best," Claiborne told the source.

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