This Brave Woman Is Fighting Breast Cancer While Homeless

Denise Millette struggles with the same difficulties many women with breast cancer face—surgery, months of radiation and chemotherapy, and the stress of wondering whether it will all work. But she has one extra worry as well; she’s homeless and has to continually search for a new place to stay in between cancer treatments.

Denise and her husband and service dog live wherever they can find shelter for a short period of time. They’ve been in and out of hotels, a winnebago, and several other housing options. Shelters generally won’t take them because of the dog.

Photo: Facebook/Denise Millette
Photo: Facebook/Denise Millette

The large lump in Denise’s left breast wasn’t discovered by a doctor. She found it herself while showering and decided she needed to do whatever she could to seek treatment. Doctors determined that the lump was indeed cancerous and was also estrogen- and progesterone-receptor-positive, making it potentially difficult to treat.

However, she says she is not qualified for many assistance programs due to her lack of a permanent address. Now she relies on Medicaid and a GoFundMe account to pay her medical bills and keep her little family alive.

Denise wants to spread the message to all women to get themselves checked for breast cancer regularly.

Photo: Facebook/Denise Millette
Photo: Facebook/Denise Millette

“I want to be around to see my 13 1/2 month old grandson grow up,” Denise writes on her GoFundMe page.

The Breast Cancer Site wishes the best of luck to Denise on her breast cancer journey.

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