You Know That Hoverboard Your Kid Wants? Here’s A Good Compromise!

So your kid wants a hoverboard for Christmas – not the old, ball-of-fire kind, but the new, improved, non-flammable version. Of course you may be a bit hesitant. After all, how many videos are there of people falling off of them? Never mind that most of the people falling off are those of us who shouldn’t be on them in the first place…

hoverboard wipeout

Well, never fear! Or, at least, fear less! This young man from Wisconsin has come up with a terrific way to enjoy his board AND get some chores done at the same time! We give you – the Hoverboard Snowplow!


Now we’re not sure that the manufacturers would give their OK for this type of use (certainly not their legal department), but you can’t argue with his ingenuity. And hey, if it gets them outside, we’re all for it! Just make sure they wear the proper safety equipment. 🙂

Take a look and give this kid some applause!

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