How to Entertain Yourself During Chemotherapy

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Sitting for several hours during chemotherapy treatment can be very dull. Instead of being bored or worrying about the disease, try these tips for keeping yourself occupied and passing the time:

Bring reading materials
Start a new book series or work on tackling that stack of magazines you haven’t had time to read. If you don’t have anything in mind, ask friends what their favorite books or current reads are. Have you ever considered joining or starting a book club? You’ll likely be sitting for chemo several times a week or month and have plenty of time to designate for reading. You’ll be ready to go when it comes to book club discussions! 

Visit with fellow patients
Look around you. There are plenty of other people going through similar treatments who have experiences and insight to share. Not everyone wants to chat while undergoing therapy, so don’t feel bad if your attempt to strike up a conversation fails. Some days you’ll want to talk and others you won’t. If you aren’t sure who to try to talk to, ask a nurse. He or she will know a bit about your fellow chemo recipients and can suggest a person to chat with. Maybe you can even visit with the nurse too.

Many people find that writing can help to ease their worries and calm them down. Try journaling if you are looking for a place to talk about your innermost fears without having anyone else know about them. If you are looking to share your cancer journey with friends and family or other patients, consider starting a blog or website. Readers will be glad that you are keeping them updated on your treatment and how you are doing, and you might be surprised how much support they have to offer during times of need.

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