How to Handle Cancer During the Holidays

Dealing with cancer during the holidays can be especially difficult, as you have a lot of people around and a plethora of events to attend. You may be tired from treatment or feeling particularly emotional, and that is perfectly alright. We have some tips to help you to get through the holidays without overwhelming yourself:

Accept your feelings
Some people plan their December and January events weeks in advance. If you are invited to something far ahead of the date, don't feel that you have to attend. It is OK to tentatively accept invitations if you are concerned you may not be physically or mentally up to going when the time comes. This way, you don't feel bad that you said you would attend but don't go, and the event host will know that it is a possibility that you won't show up. If you let him or her know that you may not be feeling up to going, he or she should be understanding of your situation. 

It is also important to accept how you are feeling and not overwhelm yourself. Whatever part of the cancer journey you are on, from just-diagnosed to recovering and in remission, you have the right to feel however you are feeling and to base your holiday happenings around that.

With everyone gathered to celebrate the coming new year, you'd think it would be easy to catch up and enjoy each other's company. However, all that cheer and positivity can make it hard to talk about how you're really feeling and what's on your mind. While you don't have to tell the most intimate details of the trials and tribulations of cancer to everyone who asks, you may find that telling a few exclusive people makes you feel better. Choose several individuals that you are close with to tell the whole truth so they fully understand how you are feeling and what's going on with your health. They can then help to fend off unwanted attention and provide you with encouragement to get through the busy holiday season.

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