Cancer Researchers Believe the Future of Treatment Is Looking Bright

Critical research is taking place every day in the fight against breast cancer. Scientists are working to determine what causes cell abnormalities in the first place and what factors allow those abnormal cells to grow, reproduce, and spread.

Breakthrough research like this is key to developing a better understanding of the disease and hopefully will result in new treatments or even a cure.

“Within the last ten years, there’s been so much of an advance in our understanding of cancers and such an advance in the technologies that we use to investigate cancer,” says Dr. Peter Stambrook, a professor at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute, “that I’ve become very optimistic that in the future our ability to manage, if not cure, most, if not all, cancers is great.”

Check out the video below to learn more about the important steps forward that have been taken in the last few years of cancer research. The future is looking bright for breast cancer patients and other cancer patients!

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