Husky And Samoyed Duo Mimics Their Injured Owner In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Pets are known to fake an injury in order to get attention and maybe get a little more than their usual treats. The fact that pets know how to utilize their charms just for an extra bit of cuddling and coddling makes them all the more terrifyingly adorable.

Did you also know that dogs are copydogs, er, copycats?

PHOTO: Unsplash/James Barker

Scientists have discovered that dogs are excellent at imitating their owners in a study published back in 2013.

An old viral video of a Lurcher that cost his owner £300 (around $380) in vet fees shows exactly how a pet is able to limp while being completely healthy, because it’s just him imitating his injured owner. It may have cost the owner hundreds of dollars, but he saw this incident as just his pet showing sympathy.

Now another adorable video has captured the internet’s heart.

The video featured two dogs, a Husky and a Samoyed, and an owner who seems to have a broken ankle.

Some are saying that the dogs are empathetic, while some are saying that the dogs are having the time of their lives (lovingly) mocking their owner. I, for one, would like to believe that the dogs are really just teasing their owner because they can be seen doing it just in front of the owner.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Megan Byers

As the owner hops his way into the living room, his cheeky husky intercepts him and promptly limps around him to showcase his amazing limping skills, and a few seconds later, the samoyed joins in on the fun.

“This is what you look like,” the caption said as the husky skips on three legs toward his owner.

“Oh wait, dad’s here, time to limp,” said the next caption as the samoyed enters the same room.

The end of the video shows the owner crossing his legs, and the husky imitates him perfectly as well.

The viral video has over 22M views on Facebook, and people are loving it!

Is it okay to say that they are three peas in a pod? Well, until the owner recovers at least.

Watch the video below.

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