This Haunting Version of “I Touch Myself” Sends A Poignant Message About Being Aware

In December 1990, an Australian group called the Divinyls released a song from their fifth album called “I Touch Myself” that celebrated female sexuality − and it quickly became a huge hit. By March 1991, the single reached number four on the U.S. Billboards Top 100, and in Australia, it reached number one.

Years later, when lead singer Chrissy Amphlett was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wanted to make this song the new anthem for breast cancer awareness.

Sadly, Chrissy lost her battle with breast cancer on April 21, 2013. To raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of self-checks, ten of Australia’s best singers joined forces to help send Chrissy’s message: Connie Mitchell, Deborah Conway, Kate Cerebrano, Katie Noonan, Little Pattie, Megan Washington, Olivia Newton-John, Sarah Blasko, Sarah McLeod, and Suze DeMarchi. They used Chrissy’s hit song to do it.

Watch the compelling video below.

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