I Will Survive!

I am 55 years old and was diagonosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer in May of ’09. I had a 3cm lump in my lymph node located in my armpit as well as 3 large tumors in my right breast, so my oncolosist started extreme measures immediately. We started with the “red devil” chemo, named for its hideous side effects-your hair begins falling out in 2 weeks! I did not get a bit sick, but I was so tired.

After red devil, I began going every week for chemo treatments for six months. I had no real issues other than being tired and I loved my wigs — so fun and easy to get ready! In December ’09 I had a double mastectomy, and with blessings from God, there was no cancer in the lymph nodes! After much recovery, I had reconstructive surgery to get new and perkier breasts!

Truthfully I was tired of the old ones! So all was good until September of 2011, when I discovered a lump near my clavicle, which turned out to be six rather good-sized lumps. PET scans and other tests now reveal I have metastatic breast cancer. No big deal, God is my healer. He doesn’t want me sick so I’m not afraid. I started seven weeks of radiation, then I had six treatments of CMF, a milder form of chemo. I just did my last one today! I had a PET Scan, and EVERYTHING is FINE! No cancer ANYWHERE! So my friends, don’t be discouraged, breast cancer IS beatable. I plan to live until I’m 84 so I can go shopping with my daughter!! And God willing, I will make it — and so will YOU!

Cheri Warren
Kenton, OH

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