I will survive

Turning 50 in 2009 prompted me to have my first mammogram. This mammogram was to change my life in more ways than one.
December 18 2009 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which followed on January 8 2010 a diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer as well.
A Lumpectomy & Axcillary clearance, 12 rounds of Chemotherapy, 6 weeks of Radiotherapy & 12 months of herceptin treatment were to follow. The Tamoxifen appears to have produced a progating DVT from my right arm, across my right breast into the jugular & eventually stopped under my jawline in February 2011 – a very frightening 4 days. 6 months of blood thinning injections seems to have resolved that matter.
The removal of my thyroid and a round of Radioactive Iodine showed the thyroid had moved to my lungs. The second round of iodine seems to have killed the lung nodules but a trace is still present in my throat..another lot of Iodine in 6 mths.
The support of my work, my Little athletic family and family members have helped me to stand tall. I have been fortunate not to be too sick during it all.
My inspiration came from my girlfriend Kathy fighting her own demon for the past 16 years.
My 4 children and my husband have stood beside me through it all holding my hand, encouraging me to keep fighting have been amazing and I love them all so dearly.
2 years down the road I am still battling this demon and determined to win..I want to be the first family member to reach 100 & with the love & support I have I see no reason why I wouldnt make it.

Traralgon, Australia

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