American Idol Judges were Deeply Moved by a Contestant’s Audition with Sister Who Has Special Needs

American Idol contestant Cole Hallman won the hearts of judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan after his audition, which he shared with his younger sister Katie, who has special needs.

Photo: YouTube/American Idol

In his American Idol interview, Cole explained Katie’s condition. “She has a chromosomal deletion. It’s just like a small part of her chromosome is not there. It affects her IQ, behavioral issues. But I’m grateful to have her here, and she keeps me calm.”

Yes, despite his sister’s disorder, the two were able to form a very close bond. They both love singing, and according to Cole, Katie is his biggest fan and critic.

“She teaches me it’s good to sing your heart out,” added Cole.

Photo: YouTube/American Idol

His mom and Katie accompanied Cole to the audition. Richie observed that Cole was nervous, and Cole admitted that part of him felt like he belonged on American Idol but another part of him was feeling insecure.

Richie replied that they also still feel insecure; the feeling does not go away but it motivates individuals to become better.

Photo: YouTube/American Idol

Then, Cole started singing “Lodi,” a Creedence Clearwater Revival song.

Perry was so impressed with Cole’s voice. “You can just hear your heart. Your heart is just in your voice. It’s so raw and passionate.”

The judges then asked Cole’s sister and mom to join him on stage before announcing their decision.

Upon seeing Katie, Perry asked her if she would like to sing with her brother. Cole and Katie happily agreed to a duet of their favorite song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

Photo: YouTube/American Idol

For the second time, the American Idol judges were so moved by Cole’s singing, along with his sister.

Perry could not help saying, “Cole, you know, you were singing with your sister, and you sang with total freedom, and so it was 20% better.”

Cole and his family left the audition with overflowing joy and excitement. With his number one fan at his side, Cole’s dream may prove to be not so far away!

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