I’m A Survivor

I was diagnosed in August 2007 and like others hearing that you have BC sends an astounding fear through your entire body. Amazingly I went to the doctor regularly as well as having regular mams however. I knew something was not right but just did not have an inkling it was cancer. MDA took extremely good care of me and still are—but my family was was so supportive in helping to get through my journey. My faith in God kept me sane—but whenever I saw someone else who looked like me I tried to share an encouraging word. Some people are not quite sure what to say when they would see me but I knew I was going to beat breast cancer. Someone I can’t ever thank enough was a dear friend I met who lives in Maryland—through it she continued to encourage by sending cards, socks, pins, information on BC, books to read and what to eat & not eat. Her constant reminder was–” when God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” I did gain weight afterwards but I have lost it again by the change in eating habits. While I don’t relish having gone though this journey, it has given me a new appreciation!! Thank God for everyone who was there for me as well others like me and if I can be of help to someone else going through something similarly here I am!

Houston, TX

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