These Women Thought They Wouldn’t Like What They Saw, But This Mirror Showed Them Something Different

How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Too often, women don’t like what they see.

However, one all-female musical group from Texas, called “The Mrs,” wanted to change that, so they decided to do something radical to prove to women that they are more than enough…

In this video, women pass by a mirror that asks the question, “How do you feel when you look in the mirror?” The women then can slide a digital bar on the mirror to show where they stand — running the gamut from “woof” to “hot mess” to “hey good lookin'” to “drop dead gorgeous.” After the women select an option, a voice speaks out from the mirror, and begins to chat with them.

But that’s not all. More surprises are in store for these women as the mirror continues to speak…

Take a look at the video, and see for yourself how this innovative idea is setting out to change women’s inner voices.

(Be warned, their heartfelt reactions might just bring YOU to tears!)

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