Super-Fit Grandma Puts Us All To Shame With Crazy Gym Skills.

You’re never too old to hit the gym.

Five years ago, Geralda Barbosa of Serra, Brazil, noticed her physical health starting to weaken. Her muscles seemed to droop beneath her skin, and she felt winded when she was climbing stairs.

Determined to maintain her independence, the grandmother of four started going to the Academia Expressão Saúde, a gym near her home.

Photo: Instagram/donageraldabarbosa
Photo: Instagram/donageraldabarbosa

Now age 69, Geralda has transformed her body into one that many women half her age would love to have. She attends the gym three times per week, and she’s delighted to say that she no longer worries about being dependent on others to live her life.

“What I want is to stand up and be independent and that’s my motivation,” Geralda explained. “My concern is with impending old age because I do not want anyone to have to carry me, I do not want to give work to anyone. I do three times a week because we have to have a rest.”

Photo: Instagram/donageraldabarbosa
Photo: Instagram/donageraldabarbosa

After her trainers at the Academia shared two quick videos of Geralda working out on their Instagram pages, the clips went viral. The people who work with her at the gym are using her fitness prowess to motivate others to get off the couch and get healthy.

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“Dona Geralda!! She’s been training for 5 years now. But she trains! Is that you? What’s your excuse? Stop the excuses, do your part and your life will be better, longer lasting, healthier and more willing. She’s talking!”

People from all over the world are now marveling at how strong and fit this “Gym Grandma” is. She truly seems to be living her best life, and now she’s inspiring people to get out there and join her!

Check her out rock climbing! You go, granny!

Photo: Instagram/donageraldabarbosa
Photo: Instagram/donageraldabarbosa

Wow, talk about inspiring! If someone who is almost 70 can look and feel this strong, anyone can do it.

Take another look at Geralda in action in the video below, and don’t forget to share to give someone that burst of motivation they need to get moving!

This story originally appeared at InspireMore.

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