Mom & Disabled Son Can’t Get Home After Game, Cop Notices & Refuses To Leave Them.

New York’s sprawling subway system helps locals and tourists alike get from point A to point B, but it can be challenging to navigate the tunnels and stairways. For Chris, who has cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair, it’s even more difficult.

When Chris and his mom, Monica Ward Scharrer, decided to watch a particular New York Rangers hockey game at the stadium last fall, they didn’t know the challenge they would face later that night.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Chris and his mom arrived at the stadium without issue, and had a fantastic time at the game.

It’s when they tried to leave that things got complicated. The elevator that ran from the street level to Penn Station was broken.

“Our worst nightmare occurred after the Rangers game,” Monica said. “Chris is in a 350 lb wheelchair and it is elevator or nothing for him.”

Luckily, Officer Stephen Mears of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department was nearby, so they didn’t have to wait for long to figure out a workaround.

Photo: Facebook/Andrew PHOTO MAN Mencher
Photo: Facebook/Andrew PHOTO MAN Mencher

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Officer Mears was familiar with the family’s predicament, as he had worked with disabled individuals for six years before becoming a police officer. He immediately came to their rescue with a solution.

He quickly helped them find the nearest elevator that worked, located in a shopping center nearby. But he didn’t stop there. He also escorted them to the train to make sure they got there without incident, and even set up the ramp so Chris could easily get on the train. What a guy!

Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters
Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

I can’t say enough about how wonderful this officer was to my son and I. He essentially moved a mountain for us! I love this man and what he represents of humanity. -Monica

The story of Officer Mears’ kindness quickly spread and his good deed went viral.

Apparently this wasn’t a one-time thing for Officer Mears. Rather, it was only one of many thoughtful, kind gestures he makes in order to make people’s lives easier.

For one reader in particular, hearing about how helpful Officer Mears was to this family didn’t come as a surprise. “He always greets you with a warm smile to make your day & cares about how your day went,” she wrote.

Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters
Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

If this officer hadn’t been around to help them out, Chris and his mom could very well have had a stressful night on their hands. Thankfully, people like Officer Mears exist in the world.

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This story originally appeared at InspireMore.

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