Indiana Breast Cancer Survivor Turns 100

For many people, a breast cancer diagnosis can cause lots of uncertainty about the future. That was the case for Addie Shurn, who developed the disease at the age of 88, according to South Bend ABC affiliate WBND.

Shurn had surgery to get the tumor removed and underwent a procedure and radiation therapy. In mid-October she and her family celebrated her 100th birthday.

“To go through that and still be here and still hit the century mark, we’re just all very excited and very happy to be here,” Jeffrey Carter, Shurn’s grandson, told the source.

Shurn recently found an additional lump, which means she’ll be returning to the hospital soon to get tested. But in the meantime she is still active. She cooks, cleans and lives on her own.

According to a recent study conducted by researchers from the American Cancer Society, postmenopausal women who walked an hour every day had a 14 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer. This figure is in comparison to infrequent walkers.

So whether you are postmenopausal or not, it’s beneficial to remain active and complete some form of exercise each day.

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