QUIZ: How Much Do You Really Know About Chemo?

Unless you’re an oncologist, a cancer patient, or a friend or family member of a cancer patient, odds are that you don’t know a whole lot about chemotherapy. After all, you haven’t had much reason to study cancer or its treatment options.

Chemotherapy is a complex treatment plan, often individualized to fit the patient’s needs, so it makes sense that not many people know a whole lot about it. But for those of us fighting cancer (and for those of us who are interested in helping improve the ways we fight cancer), chemotherapy is an important thing to know about.

Do you think you know a lot about chemo? Do you know what some of the common side effects of chemotherapy are? What about the not-so-common ones? Do you know what excessive weight loss due to chemotherapy is called? Do you have any idea what antimetabolites do? If you answered “yes,” we know you’ll score well. And even if you answered “no,” you’ve got an opportunity to learn something new today!

If you think you’re up for the challenge, click “start” below and prove to us that you really know your stuff—or just gain some new knowledge! We’ll be rooting for you!


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