QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Alternative Breast Cancer Therapies

Alternative breast cancer therapies are certainly not for everyone. There is not as much scientific data backing them as there is for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, so it’s hard to know exactly how effective and safe many of them are.

However, many people do tout the benefits of these alternative therapies, such as affordability, the absence of side effects, and the comparative gentleness on the body. Many of them can also be used as complementary treatments rather than alternative treatments, meaning they’re used in conjunction with medically recommended treatments to either aid in healing or help with side effects.

Some of these therapies are widely known, while others may sound pretty strange to most of us. Some are used externally and others internally. Some have lots of followers, while others have been seemingly ineffective in most cases and have only reportedly helped a select few.

What works for one person may not work for another, so, while we can’t recommend any of these treatments specifically, we do encourage you to take charge of your treatment plan and make your own choices about what kinds of medicines and therapies you’d like to try.

How much do you know about the wide variety of options out there for treating breast cancer or alleviating treatment side effects? Get started on the quiz below to find out more about what’s out there.

Good luck!


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