QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Stages of Breast Cancer?

Understanding the stages of cancer is vital to figuring out what exactly your diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one means. Doctors’ reports are often difficult to understand, so knowing this tidbit will help you decipher the medical mumbo-jumbo.

If you know the stages of cancer like the back of your hand, this quiz should be a piece of cake for you.

And if not, we hope you’ll learn something along the way that can help you get a better grip on what that diagnosis actually means and which treatment option would be best for you or your loved one.

Do you know how many stages of cancer there are? Do you know anything about each one and what it means in terms of your prognosis? Find out below.

Click “Start” to find out how much you know about the stages of breast cancer. Then share your score on Facebook to spread the knowledge (and perhaps show off just a smidgeon—your super-specialized cancer knowledge shouldn’t go to waste, after all).

Good luck!


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