QUIZ: Find Out What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Breast Cancer Battle

You’ve likely heard before that your favorite color says something about your personality. It’s all so subjective, mostly based on culture, aesthetic associations, and context. But we at the Breast Cancer Site thought we’d use these color associations for good!

We think your favorite color is much more far-reaching than a simple peep-hole into your personality. We think it can also tell you something important about how you battle cancer. We’ve come up with our own “color personality” quiz based on the classic crayon colors, with meanings that we think you will agree with.

Curious about what your best cancer-fighting strategy could be? Well, here’s one way to find out…or at least open your eyes a little bit more to your own strengths and weaknesses.

In the quiz below, we’ve compiled several collections of photographs. Simply tell us which image out of each group is your favorite, the one that speaks to you the most. Then we’ll take your answers and attempt to tell you something you may not have known about your innermost feelings about your experience with cancer.

Good luck!


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