Not Sure How to Help Someone with Breast Cancer? Let Us Tell You Where to Start.

Do you know someone who has breast cancer? Do you wish you could help them in some way as they deal with their new diagnosis and endure treatment? Are you unsure about where you should start?

We’ve got you covered.

The perfect way to help can only be found by focusing on what you’re willing and able to do and what the person you intend to help needs from you. The quiz below will cover some basic information about you, your abilities, your relationship to the person with cancer, and what the person with cancer needs and wants.

You provide the answers to these simple questions, and we’ll provide our best idea for how you personally can best help your loved one (or neighbor or co-worker or whoever else you know that has cancer).

Should you bring a yummy home-cooked meal? Knit a hat? Take the quiz below to find out!

No matter what your result, we think you’re awesome for wanting to help someone get through cancer treatment. Keep being you, because you rock!


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