QUIZ: Prove Your Mastectomy Knowledge

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Mastectomies are a complicated group of similar surgeries, and most of us don’t know much about them until we either have to have one done, know someone who has to have one done, or go to medical school to learn to perform them. That’s a pretty small subset of the population that actually knows a lot about mastectomies.

Are you in one of those groups? Or perhaps you’re not in one of those groups but you know a lot about mastectomies for some other reason. Either way, we think it’s cool that you’re so dedicated to learning about breast cancer (and hopefully spreading your knowledge).

Knowing about mastectomies can help you decide whether one is right for you, help you give good advice to a friend, and more. We’re passionate about the people who struggle with breast cancer every day, and we want everyone to know as much as they can about this important topic.

Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about mastectomies, perhaps learn something new, and then share some mastectomy facts with your friends via Facebook!

Good luck!

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