QUIZ: Which Comfort Food Will Soothe Your Soul During Chemo?

We all agree that cancer is no fun for anybody. It requires you to put a lot of time and effort into scheduling doctors appointments, weighing the pros and cons of different treatment plans, showing up for whatever procedures or treatments you’ve decided on, and sitting around waiting to feel better.

And when you’ve put that much energy into something, you’re going to need to replenish it. Here at the Breast Cancer Site, we believe cancer is as much a battle of the soul as it is a battle of the body, so your food choice should be something that is the perfect balance of nutrition for your body and deliciousness for your soul. Luckily, you can feed both your belly and your spirit with the same yummy foods. And you can find out which particular cuisine choice is right for you with the personality quiz below!

Just remember to follow your doctor’s orders and any dietary restrictions you may have, regardless of the quiz result you get.

Are you ready to find out which food will nourish your soul (and your body) while you’re in the middle of chemotherapy treatments? Click “start” to begin!

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