QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About the Breast Cancer Treatment Types?

Whether or not you have any firsthand experience with breast cancer or its treatment options, we know you’ve at least heard some of the lingo: chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomy. And while none of these things are much fun, they’re important to know about, especially if you have breast cancer or know someone who does.

Being able to make the right choice for your body or support a friend or family member starts with understanding what the treatment types for breast cancer are and how they’re different. And even if you don’t know anyone with breast cancer, some extra knowledge of these treatments can only make you more empathetic and compassionate toward those whose lives have been touched by them.

So how much do you actually know about the options breast cancer patients are most often presented with after diagnosis?

We hope this quiz will not only tell you how much you know but also teach you a few new tidbits you didn’t know about the different treatment options available to breast cancer patients.

Start the quiz below!


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